People have offered many potential explanations for this discrepancy, but this ad highlights the importance of the social cues that push girls away from math and science in their earliest childhood years.

Watch the powerful Verizon advertisement to really understand what a little girl hears when you tell her she’s pretty.

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Druid Mythic Tier 17


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Sarah Silverman is visited by Jesus Christ

This is one of the best responses to men against abortion ever

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A Generation Gap

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Illidan Stormrage by d1sarmon1a

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A sequel to my top 10 disturbing documentaries

  1. Through the Wormhole: Is there Life After Death: My most favorite one because it’s on a topic, that’s my life goal to answer scientifically. Morgan Freedman dives deep into this question, using neuroscience and quantum physics as an attempt to figure out an answer. 
  2. Extraordinary People: The Little MermaidThe story of Shiloh Pepin, the girl who was born with her legs fused together so she resembles a mermaid. This website described it as “her incredible story is a rollercoaster of emotions—one minute, you’re laughing at her precocious, adorable personality, the next you’re crying at the injustice of the world and her beyond-her-years wisdom.”
  3. The Boy Who Lived BeforeFascinating reincarnation case about a 5 year old boy who remembers a past life. 
  4. The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes: Ben Underwood had his eyes removed at the age of 3 because of retinal cancer. But he uses echolocation (like dolphins) to do many things like get around and even play sports. 
  5. The Twins Who Share a Body: Take a look into the world of twins who share one body. 
  6. Magic of the Unconscious: Your unconscious mind is a lot more powerful than you think
  7. A Virus Called FearThe power of fear and what irrational fear can lead to. This is a short documentary, about 20 minutes.
  8. The Brain, Sensory Deprivation and Isolation: Six ordinary people faced complete sensory deprivation. What happens to the brain when this happens? I couldn’t find the full documentary and linked you to the video with program highlights.
  9. The Mystery of the People Frozen in Time: Dive into the world of Pompeii, an ancient city destroyed by the volcano Vesuvius, where there are the hardened remains of people in the last few seconds of their lives. 
  10. Children of Darkness: Tragic as it is interesting, this oscar winning documentary explores the lives of mentally ill children and exposes the abuse they faced in Eastern State School and Hospital. 

Feel free to add to this by the way :)

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When someone says I play too much WoW



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I now present to you…the old Thunderfury cross-stitch I did like back in early 2012! :D Yeah, totally bringing this back to the Tumblrs.

Random tidbit…a little over a year ago, my fiance and I took a trip down to my hometown in Texas so he could meet my family. During that trip we loaded up the car with a lot of my possessions and random shit I wanted to take back with us. This was one of those things. We got home, started to unpack and fiance promptly hung it above our bed. A year+ later and it’s still there. I approve. :3

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Blizzard Community Spotlight: Fan Art by Ken Liu.

Ooh pretty.

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My baby. ❤️#chihuahua #adoptdontshop

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